Tuesday, August 15, 2006

SEW CHICK EPISODE 2: "Get Past, Get Beyond, and Get Creating!""

Explore art quilting with Sew Chick!

What does every art quilter suffer from sometimes? Nagging thoughts and fears about our work, procrastination, self-doubt, even envy. The emotional battles we face inside as artists can affect our ability to create on the outside. We've all fallen prey to these negative thoughts, but how can we overcome them?

Sew Chick tackles those issues and how to move past them with psychologist Dr. Cynthia Sparrow of Washington, D.C. as she takes on clutter, dealing with rejection, entering shows, identity, and the green-eyed monster.

Do you have quilting-emotional questions that you'd like answered? Email them to sewchick@yahoo.com and you might hear them answered in a future "Ask Doc Sparrow" segment in the future!

How do you deal with these issues yourself? Share your own thoughts on art quilting by leaving Sew Chick a message or comment. Not only do you get to enjoy 2 minutes of fame, but your comments could be aired on the show!

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